Millie Van Kol - Actor

Agency - Odd Management - Agent - Sascha McMillan - Phone - 64 21 415 456

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Millie resides in Auckland, New Zealand. Before she starting working with Darren (Worldwide Talent) her performance experience was as a dancer. She always had acting aspirations, but she had no training and little acting experience. However, Millie did have a work ethic and strong desire to pursue acting.


In a six month period Millie went from having no acting training or experience to taking acting classes/workshops, she booked several Short Films,  a prominent Commercial and secured agency representation from Odd Management. 

Darren (Worldwide Talent) also provided Millie with consultation and guidance on submitting for a potential Green Card to move to the USA and help completing her application to obtain a working visa for a potential future move to Canada to continue her acting career. Millie is also exploring her singing talent and a collaboration will happen in the future to professionally record a song together. 


- Work closely together implementing marketing ideas to increase Millie's amount of monthly auditions

- Provide resources to help Millie professionally record a VO demo reel 

- Provide support and guidance to continue helping Millie to legally move to Canada and/or the USA to continue her acting career

- Provide support and guidance to help Millie book her first Network or Studio FILM/TV acting credit

- Provide Millie with resources and support to professionally record her first song