We are best equipped to help actors WORLDWIDE from one of the three scenarios below:

1. An actor at the very beginning of their career (Beginner Collaboration)

2. An actor that has pursued a career for many years and now realize they need a new system and way of working, additional support and guidance to reach the next level in their acting career (New System Collaboration)

3. Actors that have achieved substantial success in their country, from booking series leads or multiple recurring roles on network TV shows or lead roles in feature films and now want to develop their career internationally (International Collaboration)

We have listed below, a few of the many objectives we'll work with you to accomplish for each type of management collaboration


Beginner Management Collaboration

1. Establish a proven system to find and increase your audition opportunities in your local area

2. Provide a proven system and support, so you can book your first acting credits and build your resume

3. Provide you with support to help you secure your first agency representation


New System Management Collaboration

1. Establish a proven system to increase your audition opportunities in your local area

2. Provide a plan and support to help you secure new agency representation or instruct you on now to maintain a better relationship with your current agent

3. Implement a system, to help you become eligible to join your professional actors union, so you can start auditioning for more prominent and higher paying roles


International Management Collaboration

(This is only applicable for actors living outside of the USA, that have booked a series regular or recurring role on a network TV show or Lead Role in a Feature Film in their country)

1. Provide you with support and FREE legal consultation to help you submit an O1- Visa application, so you can become eligible to legally work as an actor in the USA

2. Provide research, assistance and help implementing a plan to secure representation with reputable agencies in the USA and Canada

3. Provide consultation, assistance and a plan to help you move to a top-tier acting business city, such as Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago to further build your successful acting career