Why Should I Work With Worldwide Talent Management?


The worlds largest and most powerful entertainment companies, (Including Talent Agencies and Management companies) want you to build an extensive resume, create great content and have success marketing yourself and/or your projects on your own, before they'll consider working with you. Even when you've built a solid resume or body of work, you'll still need a strategy and additional resources to connect with these companies.


A select few of you can successfully navigate this complex maze on your own to achieve success, however most talent end up emotionally and financially exhausted. Sadly, many talented people just like you give up pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. We we may be able to help you. Think of us as a connector or better yet a bridge to help you overcome obstacles in your career path to reach the 'Next Level" in your career.


We collaborate with actors like you WORLDWIDE in innovative and mutually beneficial ways to overcome obstacles and reach the next level in their career. We'll provide you with resources, consultation, support and accountability to help you develop and achieve your goals. 


How are we different than other companies?


Five Unique Ways We Can Help You

  • We'll provide you with proven tools and systems to help you focus and accomplish your goals 
  • We'll consult with you to create a customized workable plan, to specifically work towards accomplishing your entertainment career goals. We'll also help you stay on track and make steady progress towards accomplishing your goals
  • We'll provide you with FREE use of our assets WORLDWIDE to move your projects to completion. Our assets include a professional digital recording studio, access to an experienced attorney (Including Contract Law) personal coaching, marketing systems and professional fundraising services for Film/TV projects
  • We'll provide you with sales, marketing and PR assistance to help you connect you with larger entertainment related companies
  • We only structure innovative COMMISSION ONLY deals when working with talent, so both parties will only benefit when we develop and successfully market your talent/projects to larger entertainment-related companies that become interested in working with you.

The Cost For Our Services?


We we never charge any upfront fees. We don't even charge fees to clients to utilize our assets or resources. Our collaborations are always based on COMMISSION ONLY deals. 


If you have interest in working together, than please visit our submission page to learn how to submit for consideration.