Kari Staten - Actor/Writer


At a young age, Kari wanted to become an actor, but she wasn't encouraged so she never pursued it. Her husband Darren (Worldwide Talent) encouraged her for years to commit to acting. At the age of 48, she finally decided to pursue the profession.


Kari booked a credit on a network TV Show (Untold Stories of The ER) a PSA commercial and has booked roles in over 16 short films. One of the short films she appeared in (La Mariposa) won "Best Student Film" for the prestigious LEO Awards in Vancouver, BC Canada. She also booked the lead role in the short film (Motherboard) that won "Best Comedy Scene" at the Action On Film Festival in Las Vegas. Darren (Worldwide Talent) also provided Kari with consultation to choose reputable acting coaches/classes, secure agency representation, wrote her actor bio, created and maintains her IMDB PRO website, helped her join the UBCP/ACTRA union, gave her tools to help her co-write a short film script (The Bicycle Diaries), helped her create postcards to mail to Casting Directors and helped her prepare and film several self-tape auditions.


We 'll continue to help Kari by promoting and marketing short films she has a role in to film festivals, help her raise money to complete production of her short film script (The Bicycle Diaries), provide her with tools to write her first feature film script, partner with her to establish her as a Director and Producer, provide her with tactics to network with more Producers and Directors to book more meaningful credits, and provide a strategy and action plan to secure representation for her in the USA. 



Let's get a few things out of the way:  :)

1. You pronounce 'Kari' like 'Car-ee'. Not Carrie

2. I'm originally from Winnipeg, which means I can channel relatives and pull off one helluva 'Fargo' accent.

3. I took up acting at the ripe old age of 48, probably a later start than practically everyone, but better late than never right?

Things are going very well thank you. Over the last few years, I’ve become quite the 'Short Film Queen'. I’ve booked over 15 roles in short films. A few of my favs this past year have been playing the mother of actor Brendan Fletcher (The Revenant) in the film The Road, Ashley the lead role in the mockumentary short, Caught Dead Handed and as Sandra the interviewer in The Bus Stop.

My favorite role to date was for the short film Motherboard. I played the lead, Lesley the mother of a teenage gamer kid. This Sci-Fi film earned the Best Comedy Scene award at the Action on Film Festival in Las Vegas. Since pursuing acting in Vancouver, I've also developed my writing skills and I’m happy to say I’ve completed my first short film script, The Bicycle Diaries. This period piece film is loosely based on my father’s life growing up in Nazi-Occupied Denmark during WW2. I am currently raising money to shoot this film and I can’t wait to share it with the world.

When I'm not on set, I’m taking acting classes from Andrew McKilroy & Associates or Wesley Salter at Jeb Beach & Associates, designing costume jewellery for my business Zuka Artful Accessories, or enjoying long walks with my lovely rescue fur-baby Sadie. I also enjoy evenings at home, lounging with a glass of prosecco and watching AMC, Netlix or HBO shows with my beloved husband Darren.