Natalie Ranee - Actor/Screenwriter/Singer/Songwriter

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Natalie came to Worldwide Talent after several years of giving up pursuing a career as a singer and actor. Natalie, had lots of success singing as a teenager and into her early twenties. She was  a Top 60 participant in Canadian Idol. She also was accepted into the well-known Second City Theater group known for developing stars in the past such as Dan Aykroyd, Martin Short and Mike Meyers.

Natalie was also offered a record deal from a very connected Canadian music industry individual. When that deal fell through, followed by other negative experiences that caused Natalie to quit the entertainment business for several years. Several years later in an effort to get back into the Entertainment Business she agreed to work with Worldwide Talent. 



Darren (Worldwide Talent) provided advice, resources and consultation that resulted in Natalie receiving several auditions and agency representation. Now, Natalie has changed her focus to limit her acting and is focusing on co-writing a Theatrical Musical with Darren (Worldwide Talent). -


Darren (Worldwide Talent) professionally mixed and mastered her new ten song album and helped Natalie to register her songs with SOCAN the Performing Rights Organization to collect royalties for her songs streaming/airplay. Natalie's album "Life is A Song" was released digitally worldwide via Apple Music, Spotify etc.


Co-Write a University based Coming of Age Musical with Darren Staten - Worldwide Talent Management

- Provide a framework and steps for Natalie to submit her Short Stories to writing contests worldwide

- Provide resources to help Natalie professionally record a VO demo reel

- Professionally record another song (I Don't Believe In Love) to release digitally worldwide in 2021

- We will work together to secure a placement for one of Natalie's songs in a Film or TV show


Listen to Natalie's Album "Life is A Song" on Spotify Below