Desiree Burkett - Singer/Actor/Songwriter


Desiree came to Worldwide Talent after many years of wanting to pursue a career as a recording artist, but she always unsure of how to take steps forward to build a fan base and release her music. She also did some acting as a teen, but she wasn't sure if she was good enough to pursue acting.


We partnered with Desiree to provide FREE mixing and mastering for three songs she had previously recorded years earlier, Co-Produced, professionally recorded, mixed and mastered three new songs for her debut EP "Straight Lines" for FREE, provided consultation and guidance to help her build her first artist website, helped her write her music bio, helped her register her songs with a Performing Rights Organization to collect royalties for her songs, provided consultation for a photo shoot to create promo photos, helped her create an acting resume, helped her create a good acting self-taped monologue, helped her digitally release her debut EP "Straight Lines" WORLDWIDE on Spotify etc., and provided guidance, support and creative suggestions to overcome numerous other obstacles that life always brings.


We will continue to help Desiree to promote her EP and increase her fanbase, by promoting her music to college and commercial radio stations in North America, introduce her music to every record label willing to listen, assist her with performing at Music Festivals, assist her with Film/TV placement deals and securing an acting agent to book her first professional acting roles. Then...Rinse and Repeat!


A native of Edmonton, Canada, Desiree Burkett has long pursued her passion for music. Her unique, yet haunting voice and introspective writing style are inspired by her love of folk and country music and the many talented artists who came before her. 

Desiree first took the stage nearly twenty years ago, singing in choir and musical theater productions. She began writing lyrics at only nine years of age. By fifteen she was learning guitar and creating melodies to accompany her affinity for poetic word play. After moving to Vancouver in 2010, she began to teach herself piano in order to expand her range as a songwriter. She enjoys performing on a variety of stages, which currently include venues in both Canada and the U.S.

Desiree holds a diploma in Technical Theater and has gained extensive experience and knowledge working as the Production Coordinator for one of the finest concert halls in North America, the Francis Winspear Centre for Music in Edmonton, as well as the renowned Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. She currently resides in Vancouver, Canada where she continually strives to create capitvating music.