Agathe Slzmann - Actor/Screenwriter/Producer/Director

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Agathe was raised in France and Switzerland. She immigrated to Montreal as a young adult to continue building her acting career and to start writing, producing and directing, comedy skits in English and French. She decided to collaborate with Darren (Worldwide Talent) to help her to continue building her acting/writing/directing career. 


Agathe received additional prominent auditions including an audition for Feature Film and National Tour for a well-known musical. She also booked a Lead Role in an Indie Short Film. We also developed and implemented a plan together to submit one of Agathe's Short Films to several Film Festivals around the world. 

Darren (Worldwide Talent) also provided Agathe with consultation to help support her decision to move to Toronto, Canada to expand her audition opportunities. As part of that strategy, she was accepted to study in the Drama Program at York University in Toronto. Darren (Worldwide Talent) also provided guidance on submitting for a potential Green Card to move to the USA.


- Work closely together implementing marketing ideas to increase Agathe's amount of monthly auditions

- Secure theatrical agency representation in Canada

- Secure a credit that will allow Agathe to join the AFTRA actors union

- Support and guidance to continue helping Agathe to legally move to the USA to continue her acting career

- Provide support and guidance to help Agathe raise funds and begin production for one her Short Film scripts